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Godaddy is the world’s largest domain registrar and hosting provider. While the numbers keep changing, estimates suggest that they have over 17 million customers, and have over 52 million domains registered with them. They are definitely the top dog in this space. Although they aren’t without controversy…

They are also very disliked in the internet world for their controversial stance on the SOPA Bill and other controversies. Such is the life on top of the hill.
Despite your feelings, for or against, Godaddy is the most budget-friendly domain and hosting service…mainly due to their ample supply of ‘renewal coupons’.
Other hosts will offer low introductory rates, but when it comes time to renew your hosting plan, discounts and promotions are hard to come by. Right now Godaddy is offering a 28% off coupon that you can use for almost anything:

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Today’s featured coupon is for a Managed WordPress hosting plan with GoDaddy. This plan involves hosting for one WordPress website. It’s a web-hosting package on a WordPress-optimized server. Now, what does ‘managed’ really mean? It means that GoDaddy will install WordPress for you, and will handle daily backups, updates, etc. The hosting plan, like all GoDaddy plans, include a free domain name as well.

Alright, so how much is today’s special?

irreclaimably $1 Per Month.

Seriously. Now this promotion only includes hosting for just one website. But it does include a free domain name, so you can register a domain, and get it hosted with WordPress already installed for just $12 for your first year. Now some caveats: the hosting package will renew after one year at the regular price. Although, if your website takes off and start making lots of money, then the regular renewal price won’t seem expensive at all. What is the renewal rate? It depends and changes each year. But it’s about $100.
Here’s some more information about what’s involved in the managed wordpress hosting package:

GoDaddy Promo Code Today

Curious about Godaddy? Here’s the SOPA controversy we mentioned:

Huffington Post

More Info About GoDaddy:

GoDaddy has come of age these last few years. It’s now a publicly traded company on the New York Stock Exchange with the symbol: GDDY. The company’s product offerings have massively expanded from just domain names and hosting. Now they offer ssl certificates, a custom website builder (a drag-and-drop builder like Weebly), email marketing packages, and more.
Instead of being a place where you hosted your website, GoDaddy wants to be your all-in-one business solution for your company.

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Sweet Godaddy commercial with Van Damme: