• What Happened To GoDaddy’s Renewal Promo Codes?

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    One of Few Reasons to use GoDaddy Just Vanished.

    godaddy hippocrite
    I have a few domain names registered with GoDaddy, and tend to use them as my default domain registrar. Why? They have lots of renewal promo codes. So I usually use a code to register a new domain name for 99 cents, and then when it comes up for renewal I can use a 30-35% off renewal code to save for future years.

    In the summer I received an email from GoDaddy inviting me to renew my domain names for 32% off. I didn’t think much of it, but I do remember that it said something weird: “hurry before this deal is gone forever”. The other emails didn’t say anything like that.

    It’s only been in the last month that I’ve figured out what they meant:

    GoDaddy’s cancelled all their renewal codes.

    Now it’s not impossible to save some money. There are general-purpose codes (i.e. Spend $70 and save $15) that will still work. This website has a good compilation of renewal codes that are still valid.

    Why Now?

    After doing some digging I found out that GoDaddy is preparing for an IPO. For those that don’t know Wall Street lingo, an IPO stands for Initial Public Offering, and it’s when a company starts selling shares on the Stock Exchange. If you are part owner of a company before it goes public, you tend to make a massive load of money very quickly.

    But what makes you attractive to investors? Cash. Lots and lots of cash. GoDaddy seems to be cancelling renewal codes because it thinks that it’s hurting profits overall. Is the money they lose on renewal coupons more than what they would lose in customers leaving? It’s difficult to say.

    It also means that these renewal codes aren’t going to be coming back anytime soon. Once a company goes public, it’s not about the customers anymore. It’s all about shareholder value.

    Overall, this is too bad.

    End of an era. No other domain registrar we know of offers the kind of promo codes that GoDaddy did. If only someone else could take up that void?

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  • Coupons For Your Customers

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    coupon codes for customers

    How to Incentivize Your Customers To Pay Now:

    One thing you may have noticed in the world of travel blogs, it has been the addition of free coupons at the end of posts. The travel blogger may give an in-depth review of his or her stay at a luxury resort, and then at the end of the post you’ll notice these promo codes that you can use to save a certain percentage off a stay at that resort.

    Two things have propelled this new trend: acceptance of the use of cookies and a need for bloggers to help cover their costs.

    1. Acceptance of Cookies – Most websites have a clearly visible ‘we use browser cookies’ on their front page somewhere, to the point where people accept this as the price of getting free entertainment on their favorite websites.
    2. Bloggers need to cover costs – When blogs exploded in popularity in 2006, many people started up blogs as a hobby. Bloggers would shy away from any kind of affiliate marketing because it might taint their reputaion in their readers’ eyes. But as Bloggers have grown older, they have growing expenses. And they need to justify spending time away from their families and writing for their blogs. In essence, the blogger market has matured.

    Even popular fashion blogs like Fashionista.com will have links to coupon code sites for Starbucks. Which actually makes more sense than posting promo codes directly to your blog post, since these codes tend to expire within a limited time frame. Coupon code sites (like the one I mentioned above) make it their job to update these codes on a daily basis. So your customers will have a quality source to help them save money for months or even years after you first write your post.

    Imagine what writing one post a day for a year will add up to in affiliate sales over the long term?

    The drawback. Of course the main problem is that coupon code sites tend to have their own affiliate links, and the ‘last click’ is what matters for getting credit for sales. So in essence you are doing them a huge favor by sending them traffic.

    Here’s what you can do: choose a quality coupon site that has updated coupon codes (you want to send your customers to the best, right?) and offer them a chance to be linked to at the bottom of their relevant posts. If the traffic to your site is good, most discount code sites would be smart to work out a ‘paid placement’ agreement where they either pay a set monthly fee, or share in the revenue that comes from your website (there are affiliate networks that can do this easily).

    Here’s a list of what most people consider to be the ‘best’ coupon sites:

    • CouponCabin.com – The site has a full time staff of experts who continually update their pages to be as relevant as possible.
    • Retailmenot.com – The ‘king’ of coupon sites, Retail Me Not is backed by Google Ventures. It took a hit from Google Panda in early-2014, but the site rebounded thanks to imitating the format of….Coupon Cabin.
    • Fat Wallet – Many customers prefer Fat Wallet because they share their affiliate revenue with its users! Here’s how it works: you create an account with a wallet, and then when you use their website for coupons, you get a percentage of the affiliate revenue Fatwallet makes. It’s not much, but many people will only buy their merchandise through that website.
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    Use this promo code at Kona Sports to save 10% off your entire purchase. This is a great deal, but it does exclude some major brands: outlet items, Nixon, Oakley, OluKai, Rainbow, UGG Australia, and gift cards. The gift card thing is pretty standard for coupon codes. This offer has no known expiry date. Kona Sports is not related to kona coffee, a gourmet coffee beverage. For that, you should try this site: http://www.konacoffeebeans.org/

  • Godaddy SSL Coupon Codes

    We only feature one major promo code at a time. For a full list of Godaddy SSL Coupons, click here.

    Godaddy is offering 25% off SSL certificates for the month of May. SSL certificates usually cost about $49.99 per year, so that works out to about $13 in yearly savings.

    What is an SSL certificate? SSL stands for ‘Secure-Socket Layer‘, and it adds an extra layer of browser encryption for your website’s visitors. If you handle e-commerce transactions on your website (i.e. visa, paypal, etc.) then SSL is a must. But even if you don’t handle payments, many websites opt for the extra layer of encryption to put visitors to their website at ease.

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